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Have a go at this science activity…

Make a bird banquet ๐Ÿฆ

Equipment: string, suitable bird foods (seeds, cooked rice, cereals, grated cheese, fruit, baked potatoes), scissors, egg box.

How to: egg boxes have chambers in them which make ideal bird feeders. Remove the top of the egg box and attach string to the bottom through the cone-shaped dividers to give something to hang it with; in each chamber place the same or different types foods; hang the feeder where visiting birds will feel safe from predators but make sure it is somewhere that it can be seen.

What to do with the birdfeeder:

  • Identify the birds that come to the feeder. Which birds are the most common? Where are the birds feeding โ€“ on the feeder or on the ground below? Which birds are seen around but donโ€™t come to the feeder? Which time of the day do they feed the most?
  • Do birds arrive at the feeder in the same way? Do they swoop straight in or do they approach via a specific tree or bush?
  • Try putting two different foods to see which one is the favourite.

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