A message from a very proud teacher 🌟

Hello everyone! It has been so lovely speaking to some of you this week during our check in phone calls. I have loved hearing about what you have been getting up to with your families. Don’t worry if you haven’t received a phone call yet, you will do in the next couple of weeks.

I have also loved seeing some of the work you have been doing this week. My goodness, haven’t you been busy! I know you’ve all been working super hard at home and I’m so very proud of you all 🤩 Keep it up Year 1, you’re doing amazing!

Don’t forget to share your work with me by sending it to year1@robinhoodschool.co.uk and I’ll be sure to share it with your friends on the blog!

Here is some of the fantastic work that has been shared this week! 😃

The Great Bug Hunt 🐛

Take part at home in the Great Bug Hunt 2020 competition with your family! Click on the link below for all of the details.


Don’t forget to share your creations with us by sending them to year1@robinhoodschool.co.uk 😃

Our Wishing Jar

Let’s write a poem together Year 1…

At the moment, I’m sure there are lots of things you are missing and wish you could do…lets add a line each to make a poem all about the wishes we’d put in our wishing jar. I’ll start us off…


The Wishing Jar

By Year 1

In my wishing jar I would put…

A classroom full of friends, laughter and learning,

Fun with friends,